you know what makes everyone happy? doggos!! what if you could adopt one? what if you could adopt many!! here are some good boys for you to pet to your hearts content!!

pet some good boys to make them happy and then get another good boy to make it also happy! and your heart will also be warm in the process!


  • unprecedented good boy and doggo simulation that you can pet until your happy
  • 25 different doggos to adopt! some have hats! some have glasses but all of them are real good boys
  • highly advanced petting stat tracking, keep track of many times you've pet the good boys!! they're persistent too
  • completely realistic dog sounds!!


  • what do you mean controls just use your mouse to pet them good boys


  • games for good 2019
  • petting programmer - jorgegamedev (twitter)
  • doggo artist - moski (twitter)
  • main font - gosmick sans - gem fonts


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cool game, lots of good boys

10/10 would pet again


glad that you enjoyed petting those good boys!!

which good boy would you pet again?


I would pet all of them as long as they're good boys!