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My dream game

Show this to a friend who's having a bad day

I just realized that I adopted 1438 good bois...


glad that you're having a dreamy time with it!!

some friends think this is the best game ive made because of the good bois!! its delightful that it makes peps happy!!

and thats a lot of adopted good bois!! thanks for giving them a home!! 🤗


good booois

they were very good boois weren't they?

which good boi was your favourite? 🐶


the good boi with the cato

(1 edit) (+2)

thats a very good boi indeed!!

heres a png of him so you can save  them and take them for a stroll anywhere you want!!


cool game, lots of good boys

10/10 would pet again


glad that you enjoyed petting those good boys!!

which good boy would you pet again?


I would pet all of them as long as they're good boys!